The Beatles 60's Memorabilia - Page 6 (Q-S)

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Record Carrying Cases - Air Flite: 

Original Beatles Record Carrying Cases manufactured by Air Flite Industries in the USA. Manufactured of cardboard they came in 2 sizes, one for 45's and one for LP's. Colors offered were green & red.



Record Carrying Case - Seagull - PYX Productions: 

Vinyl Record Carrying Case manufactured in the UK in 1964 by Seagull Enterprises. Has 2 hard plastic handles and a non-removable color photo of the Beatles under plastic on the front. Found in several colors such as red, white and blue. Also found with at least 2 different Beatle photos.


Ringo Cap, The: 

Black wool cap with a small bill has "The Ringo Cap" printed inside, manufactured in the USA. They came in various colors & fabrics (wool, leather, corduroy).


Rings - Vari-Vue Flicker/Flasher: 

Original Beatles 1964 set of four Vari-Vue flicker/flasher rings, featuring the Beatles, John, Paul, George and Ringo.  They change between their photos to: "I'M JOHN-BEATLES"..."I'M PAUL-BEATLES"..."I'M GEORGE-BEATLES"..."I'M RINGO-BEATLES" when moved.




Scarf - Handkerchief: 

Original white silk scarf measuring approximately 26 inches square with fringe around the edges.  Song titles are printed under the records; also has the faces of the Beatles & instruments



Scarf - Scammonden Woollen Co. Ltd.UK: 

Original blue scarf with beetles & first name autographs covering entire scarf. This scarf is still sealed in it's original plastic bag and still has it's original manufacture's sticker on package.



Scrap Book  - NEMS: 

Original unused scrap book manufactured by NEMS Enterprises 1964. Measures 10" x 12"


Sheets - Whittier Hotel Bed Sheets: 



Original sheets taken from the actual linen the Beatles slept on at the Whittier Hotel in Detroit in 1964. 



Shirt, Beatles Official:

 The official Beatles shirt - 1964 - White 3 button shirt with black piping - "The Beatles" & their faces on the upper left part of shirt - The tag in the shirt reads "The Only Authenic Beatles shirt." This one is stilled sealed in it's original plastic bag displaying the unused red cardboard shirt hang tag with photo of The Beatles.


Shirt Tag:

Red cardboard hangtag that was originally attached to a button on the official Beatles shirt - Contained a perforated wallet size photo of The Beatles - 1964


Spatter Toy, Beatles:

The Beatles Spatter Toy was manufactured by The Spatter Toy Company of Cuba, MO. The toy consisted of two plastic "mop-tops" attached to the end of a cord with a wooden handle. You could "Twirl with The Beatles" according to the instructions. It's header card read "Spatter! the Toy with The Beatles Beat." In it's original 4" x 16" packaging.


Stamps & "Display Banner" for Stamps:

Beatle Stamps manufactured by Hallmark USA. Booklet of 100. Also the display banner advertising the stamps.


Stickers - Apple:

Stickers measuring 6" x 8" showing various vegetables with "Stick a Garden on something you love" in the bottom left corner & the Apple log on the right.


Survey Sheet - WWDC 1260:

Radio hit song survey sheets were issued by many music stations. The survey sheet would have survey on one side & a picture on the other side. These have both a Beatles song & their picture on them.


Sweatshirt - Beatles:

The Beatles white cotton sweatshirt with the “Paul Cigarette” pose – only here, the cigarette has been omitted from the image.


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