The Beatles 60's Memorabilia - Page 5 (O-P)

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Paper Bracelet / Movie Bracelet: 

A 1964 Paper Bracelet for A Hard Day's Night. It was given away at the USA opening premiere of the movie, the paper bracelet originally had a string attached to it.


Patch - Beatles Fan Club Cloth Patch: 

A 1963/64 Beatles patch issued from the Beatles Fan Club by mail order. The patch is in mint condition & was never used.


Pencil Case: 

Pencil Case - Manufactured in the USA by Standard Plastic Products & issued in beige, yellow, pink, red and blue. The case measures approximately 7" x 3.5".


Pennant - Germany: 

"Die (The) Beatles" - Manufactured in Germany in 1964/1965, red pennant measures 6" by 9 1/2" with faces and first names of the The Beatles.


Pennants - Spain: 

Complete set of pennants - Manufactured in Spain in the 60's. Each pennant measures 5 1/2" by 10" with the face and first name of each Beatle. One pennant has all 4 of the faces & names.



Manufactured in the USA by Nordic House. Two variations; the first has a blue back, head and shoulders picture (no tags). The second pillow has a red back and the half bodies with guitars along with both tags, one of which states "The Official Beatles Pillow by Nordic House".


Picture Frame - NEVCO: 

Manufactured by Nevco in 1970; this 2-1/8" x 2-1/4" plastic frame sealed on 6-1/2" x 4" backing card comes with a black & white group photo.  This item was originally sold at car washes.


Pin*Up Screamers: 


Manufactured in the USA by Gordon Currie, 1964.  These are four individual posters of each the Beatles. They are approximately 9 X 22 inches in size. The original envelope they came in is also shown.



Pixerama Foldbook: 

1963 UK Pixerama Foldbook, was published by Wolfe Publishing Limited UK. This miniature 4" x 3" booklet, folds out to reveal 12 glossy black and white photos of The Beatles, and on the reverse of each of the photographs, gives a brief description of the the photo.



Manufactured by Washington Pottery UK, this 7" China Plate features a Color Group Shot of The Beatles around the middle, with their name facsimile signature, plus the wording "The Beatles."


Playing Cards, The Beatles: 

Deck of playing cards with The Beatles photographed  in collarless suits; George & Ringo sitting on stools. Officially authorized by NEMS 1964


Postcard - Jumbo Card: 


An original Beatles Jumbo Size Postcard licensed and issued in 1964 by NEMS Enterprises Ltd. Postcard measures 6"x9" and is unused.


Postcards - Set: 


A complete set of 6 original Beatles Postcards licensed and issued in 1964 by NEMS Enterprises Ltd. One of each Beatle and two different group shots.


Poster - A is for..... Apple Publishing: 

Poster measuring 22" x 28" & reads "A is for....."; The theme is the "Fool" mural. the back has "designed by simon & marijke of "The Fool" - Apple Publishing




Poster - Dell: 

1960's "The Beatles" Poster by DELL. This poster measures (52" x 19") and was issued by Dell Publishing in the 1960's. It folds up into a booklet & when opened, it features large individual facial pictures of each Beatle.


Portraits - Beatle Buddies' Club: 

Four full color oil portraits of The Beatles reproduced in limited production for Beatle Buddies' Club Members. The portraits are still sealed in original packaging along with the header card & official membership card still intact. 



Portraits - Volpe: 


1964 14"x18" color portraits of the Beatles by Nicholas Volpe. 



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