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Hairbow - Beatle Bow:

Beatles hairbow - manufactured by Burlington. A 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" center-knotted cloth hairbow in green & pink (various colors available) with "I Love The Beatles" printed in repeating pattern. Still in original packaging; light blue card measuring 6" x 7 1/2" and has "Official Beatle Bow" printed on it. Has wallet size photo of each Beatle on the bottom of the card. Sold for $0.49.



Hair Brush:

Pocket Hair Brush manufactured by Belliston Products, INC. of Ogden Utah. The 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" plastic brushes came in three colors - red, white, and blue, and originally sold for 39 - 49 cents.



Hair Pomade Box Label:

This is a full, original, 8"x9" box label that covered the top lid of the rare Beatles pomade box manufactured by H.H. Cosmetic Laboratory of San Juan Rizal, Philippines.



Hair Pomade Box - 1970's?:

This is a sealed box of Beatles Hair Pomade manufactured by H.H. Cosmetic Laboratory of San Juan Rizal, Philippines. The box is probably from the 1970's. The original labels contained 0.10 cents in a circle on the bottom of the label (see above original box label). The box measures 5" x 6" and contains 100 packets of Beatles hair pomade.




Beatles handbag that measured 10" x 10." Tha handbag had a brass handle that was built in the top part of the bag. This version has the faces, Beatles logos & autographs on the bag. This bag was never used & still has the original square tag hangin from the zipper. Tha small tag measures 1.75 inches.




Beatle cloth handkerchief (Purple) measuring  8 1/2" square; "With Love From Me To You"; Beatles pictured in the center, musical notes, names and hearts around edges .



Harmonica, M. Hohner - Beatles:

Beatle harmonica manufactured by M. Hohner. The 5" long harmonica box has all four Beatles on the lid along with their names under the images. Most of the boxes incorrectly have Paul & George's name switched, however this is one of the rare corrected boxes. The actual harmonica has no markings of  The Beatles.



Headbands - Beatles - Betterwear, USA:

Betterwear, USA in 1964 produced Beatle Headbands (made of stretch nylon) in a nice plastic wrapper which featured photos of each Beatle on the back. Eight different colors were made - black, beige, red, yellow, blue & white. Others were pink & ?




Headbands - Beatles -  Australia - L&C Vincent:

L & C Vincent Industries, Australia in 1964 produced Beatle Headbands in Australia. 2 3/4 wide head band with pictures of beetles & guitars on an elastic headband on an sealed card measuring 10 x 4; issued in various colors (shown are Pink, Purple, Yellow(or Gold), Blue & Red).



Ice Cream Bar Wrapper:

Hood Beatle Krunch Coated Ice Cream Bar manufactured by the Country Club Ice Cream Company, Patterson, NJ.


Irish Linen, Beatles:

An original Beatles Irish Linen, manufactured by Ulster (Ireland). The white linen (measuring 20" x 31") is made from real Irish linen; it has The Beatles pictures in burgundy, black & violet with various instruments around the edges.


Jewelry - Beatles Pin/Tie Tac:

Official Beatles Pin or Tie Tac - Brass guitar tac with images of each Beatle on original card manufactured by PRESS-INitial Corp., RI for Seltaeb Inc.

Jewelry - Official Beatle Tac:

Official Beatle Tac - Four brass tacs of  each Beatles on original card manufactured by PRESS-INitial Corp., RI for Seltaeb Inc.



Liquorice Candy Records:

Licorice Candy Records were made by Clevedon Confectionery, UK in 1964. Each "record" came with a picture insert, one of each Beatle and a group photo and originally sold for 0.10 cents each.


Lunchbox - Aladdin:

Beatles lunchbox manufactured by Aladdin Industries; 1965 - Blue metal lunchbox with different poses embossed on each side. A blue thermos was sold with it.


Matchbook - Apple:

Beatles Matchbook - manufactured by Bryant & May's "Major" Saftey Book Matches, Made in England. The matches have never been used.


Matchboxes - Beatles (Holland):

Beatles Matchboxes - manufactured by Vlinder (Holland). Each matchbox measures 2" x 1 1/2" with a different color image of each Beatle and a group image. These have never been used.


Model Kit, Model Kit for George, John, Paul & Ringo - Revell:

Model kits of each Beatle manufactured by Revell; Unassembled white plastic figure of The Beatles along with the instructions in original boxes. There was one for each Beatle.


Moth Balls:



Beatles Insect Repellent Moth Balls - Manufactured by Starlight Commercial in San Juan M. M. Philippines. Has image of The Beatles on each pack.



Movie 8mm Newsreel - The Beatles Pop Movies Ltd.:

The Beatles 8mm 50 ft silent movie; manufactured by Pop Movies LTD.  This 8mm movie is titled "The Beatles in Liverpool, London & Paris"



Movie Ticket - A Hard Day's Night - Beatles:

Original un-used movie ticket to see "A Hard Day's Night" in Aynor, SC on Thursday September 3, 1964 .



Mug - Beatles, The Burrite Company:

Original 4" tall plastic mug manufactured by the Burrite Company in 1964. Has plastic "square type" handle. Encased inside is a color paper along with a picture & autograph of each Beatle.


Napkin - Beatles Napkin - Rolex Paper Co. (UK) 1963:

Original Beatles napkin manufactured by Rolex Paper Co., UK in 1963. The white paper napkin measures 6 1/2 inches when folded up & has black & white photos of The Beatles along with a facsimile of their autographs. They were sold in packs of 50 and are very rare to find still sealed in it's plastic Beatles packaging which had "The Beatles" printed in red & black and ran down two sides of the plastic packaging. .




Notebooks - Spiral, Side & Top Bound - Westab:



Beatles spiral, side & top bound notebooks manufactured by Westab, by Louis F. Dow Co. in 1964-65. The notebooks measures 8 1/2" x 11" and pictures the Beatles in front of a doorway. The notebooks are all un-used.


Notebook - Beatles Writing Pad (UK): 

The Beatles Writing Pad was manufactured for Woolworths and measured 6 1/2" x 10". The writing pad had a group picture on the cover along with NEMS Enterprises LTD on the bottom right cover.



Nylons - Ballito: 


Sheer nylon seam free stockings in unopened sealed bag. Made by Ballito in the UK 1963/64. Beatles faces, guitars and autographs repeated in silhouette throughout the material. At the top are the Beatles faces in colour and 'The Beatles' in white.



Nylons - Vroom & Dreesmann: 


Sheer nylon seam free stockings in unopened sealed bag. Made by Vroom & Dreesmann in the Netherlands 1964. Never opened


Nylons - Frankylon & Nylons Maillot: 


2 different pair of nylon stockings unopened sealed bag. The pair with the creme colored card has "Beatles" printed twice and were manufactured by Frankylon (France)?. The pair with the green colored card  were manufactured by Maillot (France?) Both were never opened. Most likely they were not authorized by The Beatles since no likeness of them appears on the packaging.


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