The Beatles 60's Memorabilia - Page 7 (T-Z)

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Talcum Powder Tin - Margo Of Mayfair:

Original licensed Beatles Talcum Powder Tin manufactured in the UK, circa 1963-4 by Margo of Mayfair. This large 7" high tin (still almost full of talc) has a nice tin litho of the Beatles on the front and back. Because it was a disposable product, many of these were used up then thrown away, thus making it a super rarity to find today.


Tie Tack Pin - Ringo:

Original brass Tie Tacks of Ringo Starr on the original Black & White Photo Card measures 3.5" tall by 5.5" wide manufactured by Press-Initial Corporation of Rhode Island, The fine print of the card states "Manufactured under License from Seltaeb, Inc. The only official licensee with exclusive rights for the manufacture and distribution of Beatle Tie Tacs". Seltaeb (Beatles spelled backwards) was the official Beatles licensing company in the USA. 


Tennis Shoes - Sneakers - Beatles Wing Dings:

2 Original pair of sneakers manufactured by Wing Dings, in white & blue colors. Low cut lace up shoes with images of each Beatle on the shoes, along with a facsimile autographs & "The Beatles" all over the shoes.  Original Beatles Wing Dings shoe box. The box measures  11.5 x 4.5 x 3.25 inches.


Towel - Beach Towel:

Original beach towel manufactured by Cannon, measuring 35 x 65 inches.


T-Shirt - Beatles:

Youth white cotton t-shirt with the image of The Beatles on the front; Manufactured by BVD.


Tray - 1964 Worcester Beatles Serving Tray:


13" by 13" metal serving or tea tray with "Made in Great Britain" on the front. On the back, the original "Worcester Mark" label.



Tumbler (Plastic Cup) Beatles - J. Glaser & Co. 1964:

Beatles plastic tumbler measuring about 5 1/2" manufactured by the Newlyne Division of J. G;aser & Co. in Melbourne Australia. The cup has a picture of The Beatles wrapped around it along with "We Love The Beatles" going down one side.


Tumbler (Plastic Cup) Beatles - Burrite Co. 1964:

Beatles white plastic tumbler measuring about 6 1/4" manufactured by the Burrite Company. Commonly called the "Kissing Lips Tumbler" due to the pink lips on the paper insert  encased under the plastic. The insert also has each Beatle on it along with their autograph. These cups were also made in three colors; pink, green & white (shown here).



Twig, Beatles:

An original Beatle Twig still in it's original packaging. This toy was manufactured in Spartanburg, SC and consists of two wooden dowels and two plastic spinners that contained the word Beatles. The original instruction card had pictures of The Beatles on it. Original price of $0.29.


Vari-vue Flasher Pinback Button - The Beatles:

These were made in the USA by Vari-Vue of Mount Vernon, NY USA. The backsides of each Vari-Vue button is the same: they have a silver colored pin attachment, a blue colored backside, They are stamped "VARI-VUEŽ MT. VERNON, N.Y., U.S.A. PAT NO. 2,815,310" and have a UNION emblem below. The white flasher says "BEATTLE BOOSTER" at the top and has a head shot photo of The Beatles, then as you move the button, the head photos change to Beatle Wigs with each Beatles' first name underneath! This is one of the very few items originally made that misspelled Beatles as Beattles. The other pins change from "The Beatles" to "I Love John, Paul, George or Ringo"


Vending Machine Sticker:

Unused "I'm Buggy About The Beatles" vending machine sticker; measuring 7 1/2" x 4".


Wallet - SPP (Standard Plastic Products):

Original Beatles Wallet manufactured Standard Plastic Products measuring 4 1/4 x 3 3/4. The wallet is made out of vinyl with a group picture on one side, autographs on the other. Originally sold with a file, comb, mirror and two autographed photo cards. They were sold in various colors including red, blue, yellow, tan, peach and pink.


Watch - Beatles Watch - Bradley:

Original Beatles watch manufactured by Bradley Time. This particular watch came along with a gift box for Christmas. The unused watch has images of each Beatle at 12, 3, 6 & 9. The watch still has an unused warranty card & Bradley sleeve. RARE!! 



Original Beatles Wig manufactured by Lowell Toy Manufacturing, Bronx, NY. The wig (original plastic bag with header card) had "lifelike" hair. Beatle heads are die-cut on top of the header card.




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