The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Memorabilia (60's) - (I-Z) Click on a picture for detail



Keychains - Yellow Submarine - George, John, Paul & Ringo & the Yellow Submarine :  

Yellow Submarine Keychain mfg. by Pride Creations in the USA in 1968.



Lobby Card - Mexican - Yellow Submarine:  

Original Mexican Lobby Card of the Beatles in Yellow Submarine; measuring 11" x 14"- 1968. 



Lunchbox & Thermos:  

The Beatles, Yellow Submarine lunchbox & thermos, manufactured by Thermos in 1968. 


    Official Yellow Submarine Magazine


The Official Yellow Submarine Magazine mfg in 1968 in the USA. This is the 48 page version. (The other has 64 pages).




Notebook - The Beatles Yellow Submarine:  

Yellow Submarine Notebook - Manufactured by Vernon Royal , the 5" x 7 1/2" side spiral notebook had images of The Beatles, Yellow Submarine and other characters from the movie on the cover. The book has never been written in, all pages intact.




Photo Album - The Beatles Yellow Submarine:  

Yellow Submarine 3 ring photo album was manufactured by A&M Leatherline with an image of the Sgt. Pepper Band on the cover. "The Beatles Photo Album" was also on the front cover. The album measures 10" x 7 1/2."


 20 Yellow Submarine Pop-Out Decorations

Pop-Out Art Decorations:  

A large 9 1/2" x 15" on heavy card stock, it has 8 pages of pop-outs of all the major Yellow Submarine characters mfg. by King Features-Subafilms, LTD., 1968.



Postcards - Unicorn Creations:  

Six different postcards measuring 10 1/4" x 14 1/2" manufactured by Unicorn Creations in 1968. The set contains one of each Beatle, the Sgt. Pepper Band & the Yellow Submarine 



Puzzles - Yellow Submarine - Jaymar:  

Yellow Submarine  puzzles by Jaymar Co in New York in 1968. These complete puzzles are one of the medium size & large puzzles that were made; four were made in this size. Nineteen different boxed puzzles were made in 3 sizes (Large - over 650 pieces, Medium - over 100 pieces & Small, also called "Pocket Puzzles")

Shown are three medium puzzles:

"In The Sub"

"Beatles In Pepperland"

"Sgt. Pepper Band"


   & three large puzzles:

"Sea Of Monters"

"Meanies Invade Pepperland"

"Blue Meanies Attack"


Put-Ons - Poster Put-Ons - "Yellow Submarine"  Craft Master:  

 Manufactured by Craft Master; A poster measuring 21" x 15" to which you apply over 60 "rub-on" stickers. In original tube, poster & put-ons are inside tube.



Stick-Ons - Popstickles - "Yellow Submarine" "The Glove" & "The Beatles" :  

Set of Original 1968, Yellow Submarine Popsticles (Vinyl Stickers).  By Dal Corp. Manufacturing. U.S.A. The Popsticles measure 9 inches x 12 inches. The Popsticles are still sealed with their original cellophane. 

"The Glove,"  "The Beatles" & "Yellow Submarine" 



Stationery - Yellow Submarine:  


Beatles Yellow Submarine Stationery was manufactured by Unicorn Creations in the USA in 1968. The Snapping Turtle Turk (top) box is still sealed with 20 sheets of stationery with 20 matching envelopes. The Flying Horsemen (middle) is open but still has 20 sheets of stationery with 20 matching envelopes. The Flying Glove (bottom) box is still sealed with 20 sheets of stationery with 20 matching envelopes.



Switch Plate Covers - Yellow Submarine:  

Complete set of Yellow Submarine switch plate covers, by Dal Manufacturing Corp., King Features Syndicate 1968. Five different styles were made measuring 6" x 10 1/2". All covers are still sealed in their original wrap.



Tie Tack Pin - Yellow Submarine:  

Original Beatles Yellow Submarine Tie Tac Pin, licensed by King Features Syndicate.



Water Color Set - Craftmaster - Yellow Submarine:  

Yellow Submarine water color set manufactured by Craftmaster 1968. Four 6" x8" ready to paint pictures of various Yellow Submarine scenes. Includes paint tray & brush. Image of The Beatles Yellow Submarine on the box.


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