The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Memorabilia (60's) - (A-H) Click on a picture for detail





Six colorful cardboard figures of Apple Bonker, John,  Ringo, Paul, George & Old Fred. Each approx. 9" tall.

Manufactured by Unicorn Creations.


Bulletin Board - Yellow Submarine:  

Original Yellow Submarine Snapping Turk Bulletin Board manufactured by Unicorn Creations, Inc. It measures 7 1/2" x 23" and is made from corrugated cardboard. It has four pressure-sensitive tape strips on the back for mounting. Still in it's original shrink wrap with round paper tag insert. Other bulletin boards from this manufacture were of The Beatles, Head Meanie, & Stamp Out Fun! Blue Meanie.



Yellow Submarine Button Set  

side view


Original 5 Piece Pin-back Button Set mfg by A&M Leatherlines Inc, NYC, USA in 1968. Each pin-back button features a different scene and is marked A&M LEATHERLINES, INC., NEW YORK 10012 along the bottom edge. The top edge of each button is marked ŠKING FEATURES - SUBAFILMS LTD., 1968.



Yellow Submarine Pin-Back Buttons


3.5" pin back buttons set which consisted of 4 buttons depicting each Yellow Submarine Beatle.



Button - Yellow Submarine for Peace:  

1.75" Yellow Submarine for peace pin back. 1966



Bicycle - Yellow Submarine Bicycle by Huffy:  

Huffy Sunline model girls bicycle with original Yellow Submarine seat. The seat is decorated with a printed design featuring the submarine. 1968



Calendar - Yellow Submarine:  

Original 1969 Yellow Submarine calendar manufactured by Golden Press. This still sealed spiral-bound calendar measured 12"x12" and each month contained various colored scenes from the movie. The original brown envelope was marked "The Beatles 1969 Calendar"





Coasters - Yellow Submarine - K Cennar Ent.:  


Yellow Submarine Party Coasters manufactured by K. Cennar Ent. - Cardboard drink coasters measuring a little over 3.5 inches. Each coaster has an image of one of The Beatles and a movie character. Each sealed package (like this one) contains twelve coasters.



Coloring Book, Yellow Submarine:  

*Rare - The Beatles Yellow Submarine Coloring Book (Colouring Book) manufactured by World Distributors (Manchester, UK). 64 pages of Beatles & Yellow Submarine characters available for coloring.


Comic Book:  

The Beatles Yellow Submarine (movie comic), published by Gold Key / Western Publishing, 1968. Issued with a 12-1/2" x 20" Yellow Submarine pull-out poster. This is the second rarest Beatles comic value-wise.


Dimensionals, Yellow Submarine:

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Dimensional 3-D paper sculptures mfg by Craftmaster Corporation USA in 1968. These are still sealed in the original 15" x 18" large envelopes. There were originally 6 different designs made:


D-1 - The Beatles

D-2 - The Lord Mayor

D-3 - The Yellow Submarine

D-4 - The Boob

D-5 - The Blue Meanie

D-6 - The Flying Glove


Gift Book - World Distributors (U.K.):

Yellow Submarine Gift Book published by World Distributors; measures 8 1/4" x 12". The 60-page hardcover book follows the storyline of the movie.


Greeting Cards - Sunshine Card Company  

18 Yellow Submarine Greeting Cards manufactured by Sunshine Card Company. The color cards were 4 1/2" x 9" & came in a box with the image of John & Ringo with periscopes & the side view of the Yellow Submarine. The set is complete with 18 cards & envelopes.


Halloween Costume - Collegeville Costumes  

The Blue Meanie Halloween costume manufactured by Collegeville Costumes, INC. and  USA and fully licensed by King Features Subafilms Ltd. Complete with original box & mask. 1968


Hangers - Yellow Submarine Clothes Hangers - Henderson-Haggard, Inc:  

Complete set of Yellow Submarine Clothes Hangers, manufactured in 1968 by Henderson-Haggard, INC. fully licensed by King Features Syndicate-Suba Films Ltd. They measure 16" tall and featured each Beatle on both sides.

My set was recently acquired from Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster)


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