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Cake Decoration - The Beatles:

The Beatles Cake Decoration was 4 1/2" wide & made of plastic. It has a group picture of The Beatles with autographs & was made to place on top of a cake. The faces are pressed out giving it a 3-demensional look.



Cake Decorations - Heads:

Set of (4) plastic, painted heads. Manufactured by Katat (Hong Kong) in the 1960s. Approximately 1.5" tall by 1" wide. This is an unlicensed item.



Cake Decorations - "The Swingers" Music Set:

"The Swingers" Music Set was manufactured in Hong Kong in 1964. This is an unlicensed item but still sought after.



Cake Decorations - "The Swingers" Party Cake Decorations:

"The Swingers" Party Cake Decorations - Sealed card contains four 2.25" tall plastic figures which bare a very strong resemblance to The Beatles. Also included in this set is a plastic guitar with rubber band strings, a drum and "Party Birthday Candle Holders" in the shape of flowers. Manufactured in 1970 by Gay-Jim Products Inc. This is an unlicensed item but still sought after.



Cake Decorations - "The Swingers" Pack:

"The Swingers;" a set of four 2 1/2" plastic cake decoration figures in a sealed package with colorful header card. This is an unlicensed item but still sought after.



Cake Decoration / Hors d'oeuvre Pick - Heart Flasher:

Plastic, heart shaped flasher made for hors d'oeuvres or cake decorations in the 60s.  Size 1.75" long by 1.25" across. Picture changes from Paul & Ringo to George & John. They were available in Green, Purple & Orange.




Calendar - Beatles:

The calendar measures about 11" x 20" and has a color photo of The Beatles in a doorway. There are tear-off pages for each month from March 1964 thru December 1964. The version has "The Facts" on each Beatle at the bottom. Other versions may have the names of businesses who ordered them as promotional items.




Calendar Card - Beatles - Louis F. Dow Co.:

A set of Beatles Calendar cards, manufactured  by Louis F. Dow Company in 1964. The plastic card measured 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" and had a color photo on one side and September 1964 through June 1965 on the other side. There were six different cards made, two group photos & one of each Beatle. A company would normally stamp the top of the card (calendar side) with their name & hand them out.



Cavern Club Junior Membership Card - Unused:

Original unused 1964 Cavern Club Junior Membership Card. The expiration date is December 31, 1964. The card is folded in three sections and is made out of a thick card stock linen paper.



Cigar Bands - Royal Flush & Murillo - Beatles:

Oversized Beatles cigar bands measuring 3 1/2" x 1 11/19" with images of each Beatle (and group shots) and some memorabilia images. The Royal Flush bands are from Holland. They are numbered in sets from 1-10. The Murillo bands were also from Holland



Clothing Tags - 1966:

His & Her Clothing Tags - Paper, 5 1/2"x8" hang tags (red for girl and blue for boy) with 2 bevo woven clothing tags. Ninth Street Fashions. 1966 NEMS Enterprises.



Clutch Purse:


Original Beatles Clutch Purse measuring 6" x9 1/2" & made of vinyl. The he zipper on top has a strap handle made of leather. The purse a picture of the group along with their autographs. They were made in various colors.



Coasters - Beatles - United Kingdom:


Original Beatles coasters with an image of each Beatle. They measure 2.5 inches and were also called "Drink Mats." They were given out as a special give-away on specially marked cans of Tango and Top Deck Shandy soft drink.



Coin Purse - Holder:


Original Beatles coin purse or holder. The red purse measures 3" x 2" is made of plastic & when squeezed from the sides, the top opens up to allow coins inside. The purse has images of each Beatle along with each name under each image. Also came in black.


Coloring Book:


Original 1964 un-used "OFFICIAL COLORING BOOK" Manufactured By SAALFIELD, 1964. No Pages are colored in.



Comb - The Beatles - Lido Toys & COUNTERFEIT VERSION:


The Beatles Oversized Comb manufactured by Lido Toys featuring a white sticker along the top edge with pictures and facsimile signatures of all four Beatles and measuring approximately 14" x 3." The red version you see here is the counterfeit version which was widely reproduced in the late 60's & early 70's. It is made out of plastic but it is somewhat flexible where the original (Cream version) was a hard plastic that was rigid. The original combs were only made in white, light green, cream & light pink. The counterfeits were made in red, blue & yellow.





Computer Slide - Beatles - Capitol:

The Beatles Computer Slide was a promotional slide chart made by Capitol in 1970.  You would slide the inner card through the cardboard sleeve and it would list Beatles LP's and singles along with important dates and events.




Concert Souvenir Programs, Beatles - 1964, 1965 & 1966:




Program was issued for the 1964 -1966 Beatles tours. They were also sold through The Beatle Fan Club for $1.25. 12" x 12" 27-page books featured Beatles photos and ads, but no tour information.




Concert Ticket Stub for "Closed Circuit Telecast" - Beatles - Washington D.C. 3/14/1964:

Concert ticket for viewing The Beatles from their first US concert in Washington D.C. 2/11/1964, from the public auditorium in Portland Oregon via "Closed Circuit Television" on 3/14/1964. CBS actually filmed The Beatles from their 2/11/1964 Washington Coliseum concert and about a month later presented it to various movie theaters & venues as a closed circuit broadcast. The Beach Boys & Lesley Gore were added to the broadcast by CBS, they actually did not perform with The Beatles live on 2/11/1964.

Concert Ticket - Beatles - Suffolk Downs 8/18/1966 - Unused:

Unused concert ticket for The Beatles at Suffolk Downs 8/18/1966, East Boston, Mass.

Concert Ticket Stub - Beatles - International Amphitheatre 8/12/1966:

Concert ticket stub for The Beatles at the International Amphitheatre 8/12/1966, Chicago, IL.



Costume - Halloween - by Ben Cooper:

Child's costume in original box. The were costumes for each Beatle as well. A mask (not shown) also came with each costume; this is Paul. Manufactured by Ben Cooper


Curtains, The Beatles  - Holland - NV STOOMWEVERIJ NIJVERHEID - ENSCHEDE :

The Beatles Curtains, made of cotton cloth with various group and individual poses, names & song titles. This pattern is the blue with orange pattern; they also came in red and blue, brown and yellow. This particular piece measures over 7 feet long & over 3 foot wide. Manufactured 1964 in Holland by NV STOOMWEVERIJ NIJVERHEID - ENSCHEDE. Various other patterns & designs were made from this company.



Dell 20 Wallet Photo Booklet:

Each photo is 5" by 3 1/2". They unfold, like an accordion, when you open the book. Manufactured by Dell in 1964.




The Beatles Diary by Langman & Company, Glasgow, Scotland, 1965 measures 3" x 4" containing Beatle bios, calendar & photos. 




The Beatles Disk-Go-Case Record Carrying Case issued by Charter Industries, USA in 1966. Seven different color plastic holders were made. Shown are yellow, pink, green, blue, purple, red & brown (which is the rarest color). Due to the fading & sometimes manufacturer color matching errors, there some casesthat appear as fuchsia, lavender, hot pink and even white. Seven "official" colors were available.



Dolls - Car Mascot 8" Bobbing Head Set (Nodders):

Licensed by NEMS and manufactured by Car Mascots in 1964, they measured 8" tall and were hand painted & made of a plaster composition. They have the original Car Mascot circular sticker on the bottom of each doll. 



Dolls - Inflatable:

Cartoon John, Paul, George & Ringo vinyl blow up dolls stand about 14" tall , licensed by NEMS Enterprises Ltd/King Features Syndicate, 1966, made in Hong Kong.



Dolls - Remco:

The Remco Beatles Dolls manufactured in the USA in 1964 by Remco. Each has rooted hair, black suits, with instruments strapped around their neck, 5" tall.



Dolls - Swingers Bobbing Head Set - Swingers:

The 4" high plastic bobbing head doll set, hand painted and mfg in Hong Kong in 1964. This set was also used as cake decorations.  These were originally issued on a cardboard backing card with a blister pack stapled onto the front - These were called The Swingers Music Set.



Dress - Holland:

The Beatles Dress - This mint Beatles Dress still has the original tag. The dress has blue horizontal stripes with pictures & autographs on a crossing guitar design. This dress has never been worn.



Drum - Mastro - Beatles:

The Beatles Drum manufactured by Mastro, USA measured 14" in diameter and 7" deep. The drum has a red sparkle finish and originally included a metal stand and drum sticks. "The Beatles Drum" is printed on the skin along with the Beatles Faces



Drum Kit - Selco Beatles /Ringo Starr New Beat Drum Kit:

The Rare Beatles Drum Kit manufactured in the UK in 1964-1965 by Selcol. The Beatles/Ringo Starr "New Beat Drum" complete with it's original wooden stand. It is maroon plastic w/pink trim and has Ringo's autograph on the skin. The side of the drum has a color Beatles sticker affixed to it.



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